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Frequently Asked Questions

Easily customize your reading experience with font styles, sizes, and colors. Benefit from voice-over narration and screen masks for focused reading. Explore language options, translation tools, and advanced readability features for improved comprehension and reading speed.
Customize your job search preferences including location to industry and skills. Receive personalized job recommendations based on your preferences to find your dream job faster.
Yes, you can save job listings for future reference, keeping your job search organized and efficient.
Stay on top of your job applications with a user-friendly dashboard. Monitor application statuses, review submission history, and stay organized throughout your job search.
Our endavour is to help you find your dream job faster. Receive timely job application notifications via SMS, email, and in-platform messages, ensuring you're always updated on the status of your applications and interview requests.
Rest assured that your personal information is secure and private. Our platform implements robust security measures to protect your data and maintain confidentiality.
Although we don't have a mobile app at the moment, our platform offers a seamless user experience on mobile browsers.
Great news! There's no fee for job seekers to use Neurodiversify. It's entirely free for candidates to create an account, search for jobs, and apply to opportunities. We sustain the platform through small usage fees charged to employers, allowing us to keep it free for candidates.


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It will open a tool which allows you to make website more accessible and usable for people with disabilities.

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